Find Local Sources for Pastured Meat

Local Sources for Pastured Meat

If you're not in the Portland area, check out and to find sources near you!

I really appreciate living in the Portland, Oregon area because of this city's openness to alternative diets and incredible number of sources for high quality food and goods. We've bought grassfed cow and lamb shares and pastured hog shares from local farms and hope to continue expanding this list as we continue to discover awesome farms in our area. So if you live here, too, I can personally recommend these sources of delicious, nutrient-dense, humanely raised, affordable quality meat:


  • Mossback Farm in Yamhill
  • Kookoolan Farms in Yamhill (read about finding grassfed meat and our first experience with them here and our visit to meet the cows here)
  • Foss Road Beef in Nehalem (near the coast) (we picked up our 1/4 beef at the cutting place in Cornelius)



Organic, Local Vegetables:

I also did a thorough post on Grass Fed Girl about how to source and buy grassfed meat near you.

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