Making raw sauerkraut (inspired by Balanced Bites and Chris Kresser)

Homemade Raw Sauerkraut

It's gut rockin', probiotic supreme raw sauerkraut time! I'm really stoked that I finally got to this because I've wanted to make it for months, but it took until last weekend to finally get up the motivation. This stuff  is great for you and it's delicious. Trust me, if you've only ever had the pre-packaged, cooked, store-bought kind you don't know what you're missing. Raw sauerkraut is really really tasty, easy to make at home, and helps promote the right balance of intestinal flora that is SO important to our overall health. Adding a little bit of this to your diet every day is a great way to foster the natural production of healthy gut bacteria and digestive balance. And it's huge in vitamin A, B, and C. So, huge health benefits for your gastrointestinal health and immune system!

Check out this post on the benefits of sauerkraut and other vegetable-based probiotic foods on Balanced Bites (includes a short video). She also has a recipe for roasted jalapeno and garlic sauerkraut, with some variations, which is what I followed to make mine. Also be sure to read Chris Kresser's post about Becoming a Fermentation Ninja (credits to this recipe on Nourished Kitchen).

I'll follow up on this post once it's ready to eat in 2 weeks! Have you ever tried making your own sauerkraut??

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