CSA, Lamb Share, and Fridge Contents

One of the most awesome things about this summer has been the CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription that my wife and I signed up for. Every week we get a big box full of a variety of veggies that lasts us throughout the week. Here are some of the ways it's been awesome:
  • The produce is super fresh--which means it's tastier and actually has a much higher vitamin content. (This is seriously important. Check out Chris Kresser's podcast episode "Could 'Eating Wild' Be The Missing Link to Optimum Health?")
  • We're able to support a local, Oregon farm rather than a big grocery chain.
  • We get very high quality organic produce at a much lower price than we could at Whole Foods or another store.
  • We paid in one big amount at the beginning of the season and since haven't had to think about it. This, in combination with our meat shares, means that we hardly ever have to go to the grocery store!
  • We get a wide variety of stuff every week which has led us to try new and interesting foods/recipes.
  • It's a fun excuse to go down to the local farmers' market every weekend (which is where we arranged to pick up our box).
We've really had an awesome experience this year with our CSA box from Gathering Together Farm from Philomath, OR, and would definitely encourage everyone to check them out if you're in the Beaverton/Portland area. If not, look into CSA subscriptions in your area and weigh your options because in many places there are affordable options that go for a long time (ours is 22 weeks!) and have a nice variety of produce. (LocalHarvest.org is a great CSA finder.)

We love the trade box at our CSA pickup--we don't eat some of the things we get sometimes (corn, e.g.) so we can swap them for things we do eat!

We also recently bought an entire lamb from a local farmer we found at local farmers' market. We chose to pick that one up at the market, too--so my wife had to carry 50 lbs of lamb back to the car in the cooler! Here's a couple of pictures--this is a whole lamb in a cooler. We got all kinds of cuts, all for a really reasonable price. The meat has been fatty and delicious and we feel great when we eat it!

(Check out EatWild.com to find a local pastured meat source near you, and check out my post here with some tips!)

In the freezer... (more about our chest freezer here.)

Lastly on this journey through my summer food setup is the basic contents of my refrigerator. You'll notice that there aren't very many prepackaged foods, and that the drawers are stuffed with veggies.

Refrigerator Contents:
  • Eggs from coworker's pastured chickens
  • Coconut oil reserves
  • Kerrygold unsalted butter
  • Coconut milk
  • Leftovers!
  • Raw cashews
  • Bone broth
  • Homemade almond butter
  • Slow cooker roast leftovers

It has been so great to live off local foods for so many of our meals! I highly recommend you check out a local CSA and local meat and egg sources if you’re looking to save money while eating a very nutrient-dense diet! What are your tips for local eating this time of year?

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