A Typical Upgraded Paleo Day (Part 3): The Evening

Here's Part 3 of my series on a typical day in my "Upgraded Paleo"/modified Paleo/"Bulletproof" day! (Check out the other parts of this series:
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Evening Workout:

Since writing Part 2, I've been working full-time away from home, so nowadays I don't get home until 5:30 or so. A few days a week (up to 3!) my wife and I have been going to CrossFit classes that usually start at 5:30 or 6:30. This is a great time to work out because after a long day of sitting, looking at screens and papers, and focusing a lot, taking the time to use my muscles, get everything loosened up, and push myself really makes my body and mind feel good. I usually feel like I've cleared off some mental cobwebs and my body feels tired--in a pleasant way. I also have been getting a lot of mental satisfaction out of pushing myself during the workouts and completing things that seem really daunting at first.

Usually at the beginning of a workout its really intimidating and hard to imagine completing. But I've been learning to let go of any thoughts beyond the immediate, present moment and just focus on one rep at a time. I'm usually very tired by the end and feel like I've accomplished something I didn't know I could do. The strength increases have also felt really good. I just did my first, full pull-up a few days ago, which is something I could never do since I was a little kid. I lacked the shoulder strength, but thanks to losing weight and CrossFitting, I'm making progress! My goal now is to be able to do a set of 10 pull-ups with good form.

Nourishing, nutrient-dense dinner

After getting done with the workout I head home and have some dinner. I try to get tons of veggies, meat, and fat, and eat extra carbs on days after working out to help in my recovery. Our favorite go-to "safe carb" is sweet potato, so we eat a lot of those post-WOD. I also sometimes do a whey protein shake to help with recovery as well. I've been using whey isolate because it has fewer of the other milk proteins than concentrate, although I've been hearing some conflicting views on that recently (sounds like a future post!).

Salad and cucumbers from our CSA, augmented with
nori and Alaskan salmon a coworker caught
Making dinner right after CrossFit!

After Dinner:

After dinner I like to just relax and watch some TV or something, but I don't just sit on the couch! After these intense workouts I need to loosen up my muscles and joints or I'll get tight and sore the following day, so while I watch TV I'll do some mobility exercises and roll out my muscles on a foam roller. I'll usually focus on my hip flexors, shoulders, quads, hamstrings, and back. For the hip flexors I do an amazing technique demonstrated in this video by Kelly Starrett:

Then I'll spend some time on the foam roller finding tight/sore spots and working on them. It's painful like a deep tissue massage, but man, does it work! Often times I like to do mobilization stuff throughout the day at work and I find it helps a ton.
Source: Amazon

Evening supplements

At bed time I take my nighttime supplements:
All of these things are highly recommended and I feel they help me perform my best and keep my body and mind in great shape.

A balanced perspective

When all of the stuff I've talked about in this post comes together, I find that I feel the best and I continue to improve in strength and self confidence as well as building a positive mental outlook that I think is so important and hard for me to do sometimes. Making these changes with a critical eye to what is really helping me and what isn't and also finding what works for me as an individual has helped improve my life in a lot of ways. And I think everyone can benefit from the same type of exploration.

I hope that you see that these things aren't hard to understand or implement as long as you do them in your way, establishing your routines and finding what works for you. Good luck!

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  1. The way you describe working out after work is my viewpoint as well! I usually am looking forward to my 5:30 workout because it is a clearly delineates that work time is over (no more email!) and it really is something to start moving around physically after all the mental aerobics of the day. I also go into a zombie mode where I am just trying to execute through the specific workout at that moment, which also makes me check out of the work day. Somehow, it's a mental vacation.

    I've never tried foam rollers for sore spots- is there anything you can recommend for super sore shoulders?


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