Trip to Dick's Kitchen for grassfed burgers and Sweet Potato "Not-Fries"

Last weekend my wife and I went to dinner at Dick's Kitchen, a local place well-known for their quality grassfed meats and burgers from local sources, as well as other great options for specialized diets. The place started with a Paleo focus, when the owner found Paleo and improved his health through eating a nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet. Health has been considered in all of their menu items, and they offer delicious, affordable, classic diner fare-inspired menu with Paleo, gluten free, vegan, and other options. It's really cool to read about them and their 5 key principles, and so great to see a successful restaurant with good perspectives on health and food.

The restaurant

We went to the NW 21st location (704 NW 21st Ave Portland OR, 503.206.5916), but they also have their original location on SE Belmont (3312 SE Belmont St Portland OR 503.235.0146).

The place has a fun retro diner feel, and we really enjoyed hanging out there.

Had to get a picture of the cavemen and woolly mammoth on the lamp!

The grassfed burgers

We went there for the famous delicious grassfed burgers, and they did not disappoint. I had the Paleo Thai Burger Bowl, which was delicious. The Thai dressing was awesome, too! (I definitely Instagrammed this one.)

My wife had the French Onion "Zizou" burger (no bun, just the open face burger fixins), with a side of Sweet Potato "Not-Fries." Which were awesome. (We assumed they were baked rather than fried because fried foods typically have oxidized, damaged fats. Then read the website and see that they make them this way to be "low fat"--not our personal take for our Paleo diets--and that they use a little high-oleic safflower oil, not an oil we ever eat. I guess finding a place that only cooks in lard or coconut oil is too much to ask for now!)

Of course the beef was great, but they also serve local buffalo, bacon, and sometimes venison, duck, or other local specialties. (See the menu here.) They even have a list of their vendors on their website.

We'll definitely be back

Our food was delicious, and we definitely want to go back sometime. Next time we're in the area and don't feel like cooking dinner, we'll have to hit it up again!

If you're in Portland, absolutely check out Dick's Kitchen next time you're in NW or SE. Visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too.

Have you been to Dick's Kitchen, Portlanders?? Or, have you been to any other restaurants with good Paleo choices and good quality meats??


  1. That looks AMAZING. I will have to try it out!

  2. I went there once last Summer and loved it. I'm a vegetarian and thoroughly enjoyed the BBQ tempeh burger- it's so hard to find BBQ anything as a vegetarian! I also appreciated that they don't over-salt their food like so many restaurants seem to do.

  3. I went here after I paced a friend in a 50k - best food ever! We loved the burgers!

  4. i have been meaning to try this place! it looks great. and i bet before you know it, they will have pull paleo places that are all lard and coconut oil!

  5. I've never been to Dick's but I love that it can satisfy a variety of diets all in burger form. Glad you captured the mammoth!

  6. I hadn't heard of this place, but looks good! I want to try their fries. I'm totally a sweet potato fan, even if my husband is a white potato lover.


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