Mobility and Functional Human Movement

Mobility and Awesomeness:

Proper nutrition, stress management and exercise are all hugely important parts of being an awesome, optimized human being, but if you think that's all there is to it, you're missing a big piece of the puzzle. If you have issues with posture, flexibility and range of motion in your joints and tissues the exercise you're doing is probably doing more harm than good in the long term, and you're setting yourself up for increased chance of injury even when doing common every day movements let alone when you put your body under physical strain by lifting weights, running or playing sports. 

So, beyond nutrition, stress and exercise we need to include mobility and functional movement in our focus. That's where chiropractic care can really become essential. If you're having any persistent pain in any area of your body, not just the spine, I'd recommend seeing a chiropractor to get an idea of what is causing the problem and with their help you can relieve most acute musculoskeletal issues. 

Bring Out Your Inner Jungle Cat:

However, we should also be focused on prevention and improvement, and not wait for little problems to become huge issues through inaction. That's where Kelly Starrett from mobilitywod.com comes in. This guy is my new favorite health proffesional, and I've been feeling really good and solving some of my issues by following his advice. He's physical therapist who works with high levels athletes, and the author of the recently published, textbook sized tome Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance.

However, you don't have to buy the book to get started improving your joints, walking better and releasing tension from your tight, stiff body. He's got over 500 short videos on his website detailing various problems that people have and ways to mobilize and improve those areas. I've used several of the techniques demonstrated in his videos and have been having great results. I notice less stiffness in general but especially after workout days, my flexibility and comfort in different positions has improved quickly and my body just feels more resilient in general.

All of his videos are awesome, but I would definitely check out these to get an idea of what he's about:

Oh, he's also hilarious and just fun to listen to. Lastly, there's a long but awesome overview of his principles of human movement in this video: Check it out, improve your mobility, be awesome!


  1. Great post Jason! Mobility is super important and helps with everything!!

  2. He is funny. Great information. After sitting at my computer for HOURS on end I have some serious trouble with mobility at times. I'll have to use some of those tips!

  3. Awesome share, thanks Jason! This has been bookmarked!

  4. I do want to bring out my inner jungle cat. I'll have to watch this at home and apply it, thanks for sharing! Particularly that first one, I wish I could have shared it with my sisters before they went on their recent trip to SE Asia...

  5. Awesome thanks! I hope it helps. It's really motivated me.

  6. Thanks Macey!

  7. Yeah, sitting for long periods wreaks havoc on our ability to move well. Unfortunately it's something we all have to do most days, especially bloggers who spend most of their time online! That's why we can intentionally take some of these actions to help keep our bodies moving well!

  8. Glad you liked it!

  9. He's a fascinating guy to listen to and watch. Let me know how it goes!


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