A Typical Upgraded Paleo Day (Part 2)

For part 2 of this series (see Part 1 here, for more about morning practices) I'm going to lay out some of the things that are a part of my mid-day routine. It's relatively simple, so here goes.

Get moving, stretch your eyes, and absorb vitamin D:

Around the middle of the day I like to take a break from my work on the computer, get outside and stretch my limbs. There's a bunch of stuff that's really beneficial about doing this, and it feels great. First of all, on these sunny June days I like to get some Vitamin D from the sunshine, which is best to do once the sun is higher in the sky because you get more of the correct rays for Vitamin D absorption. I also take this opportunity to stand barefoot in the grass and do some stretches. This gets my body moving, gets my eyes away from the screen, and just feels like a good reset.

Strength training exercise:

Once I'm done with this I will often do a quick workout to help build muscle and release some stress. This usually will involve a set of body weight squats, situps, pushups and a quick run to get everything pumping. I've been learning a lot about exercise in Body by Science by Doug McGuff recently, and it's helped me a lot to realize the huge long-term benefits of building muscle, and the downfalls of only doing steady-state cardio.  When you build muscle you also increase strength; being stronger and having more muscle is associated with so many other benefits:

  • Gastrointestinal transit time
  • Resting metabolism
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Release of body fat stores
  • Cholesterol (blood lipid) levels 
  • Blood pressure
  • Bone mineral density 
  • Arthritis and lower back pain
  • Flexibility

Now, the exercise that Doug McGuff recommends is high intensity and only once a week or so, to give your body adequate time to recover, so that's not a daily thing. So once or twice a week I've been doing CrossFit with my wife, which has been giving me the high intensity workout I need, and I've being taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes which are a great way to learn a sport and use your body in a functional way. When I want to give myself a test, or I feel like using my muscles, I'll do this simple body weight routine:
  • 40 body weight squats
  • 30 situps
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 jumping pullups (I usually find a doorway or something for this, and just try to get the correct muscles firing)

This formulation is a basic CrossFit test of overall fitness level, but I've adapted it to work as a daily practice. In CrossFit you try and do it as quickly as you can, whereas in my every day I don't go as hard, just enough to get everything moving and work on my technique.

Food, macronutrients depending on physical activity level:

After this I eat some lunch consisting usually of leftovers from the previous dinner, but the basic parts are the same: veggies, meat, and fat. I don't tend to do any starchy carbs in the afternoon unless I just exercised intensely. Normally I save those for dinner time, saving the highest carbohydrate foods for post-workout. Today for lunch I had some broccoli, a couple of eggs, and some bone broth. A light lunch, but I find it makes me feel solid until dinner. 

Leftovers for lunch (my Instagram)

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