Bulletproof Diet travel tips

This last weekend my wife and I went to Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit my sister and see her new baby! We had a really great time just hanging out with them for a couple of days and even got to see White Sands National Monument which was insane. Giant sand dunes as far as you can see that are bright white! It was amazing.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about the trip here because sticking with your routines can be really hard when traveling, especially when you're eating no grains or sugar because restaurant food is full of that stuff. This was the first time we've flown anywhere since starting to eat Paleo/Bulletproof so it was really cool to experiment with how to stick to our goals, but still have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Basically we decided that we would need to bring a few things to help make the process easier. One  of the hardest things about traveling is not having anything to eat on hand, so you end up buying junk at the airport. To combat this we brought a sea salt grinder, Lindt 85% chocolate, a big container of coconut oil, 2 sticks of Kerrygold grassfed butter (wrapped but put in a plastic container), and a bunch of nuts and coconut flakes. When we got hungry along our travels we always had these things on hand! A handful of nuts and a tablespoon of coconut oil will go a long way to making you feel full and energized if you're in a pinch and don't have time for a real meal.

We were a little concerned about bringing the oil and butter on the plane, but we found out that as long as they're solid it's fine to bring them. On the way down we got an extra security check so they could look at the oil, but it all went through just fine.

We also brought some of our low-toxin coffee to make in the hotel so we could still drink our Bulletproof Coffee every day! Maintaining this as my morning routine was really beneficial and kept me feeling good during the trip.

When we were down there we tried to stick to Paleo principles as much as possible, and we didn't do too bad! One night we made grilled hamburgers and instead of eating buns I used lettuce and made a wrap. It was amazing! I did splurge a little bit and add some bleu cheese for a treat. Sooo good.

I try not to evangelize and talk too much about my health/nutrition views with people because I don't want to seem preachy or judgmental, but that's hard to do when you're staying with someone and eating with them a lot over the course of a few days. I tried to just say what I was doing, and the basic reasons why, but also tried to keep a balanced perspective about it and just have a conversation. My sister and her family just seemed interested to hear about what I was doing, and we had some good talks. My brother-in-law even tried butter in his coffee!

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  1. i think you nailed it on the head. it's the fine line between informing people what you are choosing to follow, without sounding like you are being judgemental of their choices. glad you didn't starve on your trip ;)


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