Bulletproof Coffee ice cream tutorial

I got a wave of inspiration today, and decided to try something totally new. My wife and I recently made Dave Asprey's "Get Some" ice cream for the first time, and it was soooo good. It's totally Paleo/primal-friendly because it's made with grassfed butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, raw eggs, and xylitol, so it's a really great source for healthy fats, and you don't have to cook anything so you don't have to deal with any harmful oxidized oils. Dave told a story on a recent podcast where he said that he ate this ice cream every day for 6 months once, and lost weight during that time. So tasty and good for you!

I decided to put a spin on it and make a coffee version! This is really great because it brings together the principles behind Bulletproof Coffee and the "Get Some" ice cream recipe to create an amazing dessert. (To be truly bulletproof, eat it before 2pm so the caffeine doesn't affect your sleep.)

Here's how I made Bulletproof Coffee ice cream:

1. Check out Dave's recipe for "Get Some" ice cream to get the specific amounts and instructions, but instead of mixing it all in the blender, first put the butter, coconut oil and MCT oil in a small sauce pan on very low heat until liquid. Keep it very low so that none of the fat oxidizes. 

2. Get your freshly ground, low-toxin coffee, and add it to the liquid fat mixture. A fairly coarse grind works best. Remove it from the heat, and let steep for approximately 5 minutes. Add the other ingredients (eggs, vanilla, water, etc.) to the blender while the coffee/fat liquid is steeping.

3. Pour the coffee mixture through a cheese cloth to strain out the grounds. It takes some squeezing to get all the oil out, so it's a bit messy, but worth it to get all that delicious fat!  (Note above that I put mine directly over the blender and pushed the lid down on top to form a tight mesh for the coffee to strain through. It worked pretty well!)

4. Blend it up and then add it to your ice cream maker. It should be a thick yogurt-like consistency, but if you want it to be harder and more icy you can add more water. After 20 minutes your blended mixture will have turned into the creamiest, most delicious ice cream around. Thanks, Dave!

The final product: Bulletproof Coffee ice cream!


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  2. yum! I am hoping to get the kitchen aid ice cream attachment for my birthday, i love the idea of making coffee ice cream in it.

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  4. hmmmm it just so happens that I have an ice cream maker that I've NEVER used... (it was a sale at Macy's that I couldn't pass up & just wanted to own one LOL) now I have a great reason to pull it out the box & give it a whirl....definitely trying this...I alrdy love my BulletProof Coffee so I'm pretty sure I should love the ice cream version...


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